Wheat Season in the Lab

It has been a good year for wheat testing so far. Over 300 samples have been processed in the lab with the average germination for red wheat of 97.08% and 97.99% for white wheat. Quality was very good with little disease pressure. This year’s bright seed allowed very good identification of contrasting classes such as red wheat in white and vice versa. We have seen a lot of sprouting, but initial germination results have been good. To ensure that the quality of your seed remains stable until planting time, we are recommending our customers have us perform an Accelerated Aging test, which will help you determine if sprouting has affected germinability. In contrast, the AA test averages for red wheat is 72.90% and 82.40% for white wheat. If you want to know more about Accelerated Aging tests, you can view this blog post here. It’s not too late to send in your wheat seed for testing!