Seed Certification

Michigan Crop Improvement Association (MCIA) is the designated State authority to perform seed certification in the State of Michigan according to standards set by state law.

MCIA along with associates in other states and countries collectively form a network of agencies better known as the Association of Official Seed Certification Agencies (AOSCA). The goal would be to form a recognized system of common standards for Certified seed production.

Seed certification is a program of planned production, record keeping, unbiased inspections, and rigid standards to insure the production of high quality seed that is genetically pure. Whether by traditional means or with the use of biotechnology, plant breeders continue to produce superior varieties. By overseeing production of genetically pure seed stocks, MCIA provides the vital link between plant breeders and farmers who benefit from these advances. Certified seed is labeled with a blue Certified tag and sold by variety name. The blue Certified tag is a symbol of the high quality standards of certification resulting in dependable performance.

Certification is a limited generation concept whereby genetic purity is maintained. New varieties developed by plant breeders are increased to supply farmers with high quality, genetically pure seed with superior performance.

Certified seed requires specific crop rotation and crop history. Please see that information here.

Breeder Seed

Breeder Seed is developed and maintained by the plant breeders of public research institutions and private companies.

Foundation Seed

Foundation Seed is the first generation from Breeder seed and is rogued for off-types to meet variety descriptions and strict Foundation purity standards.

Certified Seed

Certified Seed is the first generation from Foundation seed produced by seed producers throughout Michigan for sale to farmers to use in planting their commercial grain acreage.


Seed certification is performed for seedsmen in Michigan dedicated to taking the extra steps necessary in planting, harvesting, handling, storage, and conditioning to produce genetically pure Certified seed.

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