Additional & Special Inspections

Michigan Crop Improvement Association offers various inspections to complement the inspection programs.

Additional inspections can be added to create a customized complete quality control program.

Additional & Special Inspections

Mapping Inspection

Used to identify field location, isolation, plant population, and early weed development

Scouting Inspection

Used to management tool to identify weed escapes and identify insect problems which might affect seed quality

Roundup Inspection

Used to verify spray activity, crop resistance, and off-types

Blossom Inspection

Used to identify off-type plants based on blossom color, to identify other crop (corn) or weed problems, and project yield and field condition

Mid-pod Inspection

Used to identify late weed problems, plant diseases, yield estimates and general field conditions

Service Inspection

The service inspection is a fully customized inspection to evaluate and document fields for disease, genetic, or agronomic quality

In addition to these types of inspections, MCIA is able to identify particular weeds or crops which are determined to be a concern due to seed conditioning limitations or historical production problems. MCIA inspectors can identify these in the field and isolate them from the remaining portion of the field creating a clean product.

Interested in an Inspection?