MCIA Installs Q-Sage Precision Air Screen Cleaner

In June, MCIA completed the purchase of a Q-SAGE Precision Air Screen Cleaner, this replaced the retired Crippen Fanning mill. Made in Mt. Pleasant, Michigan, this state-of-the-art addition to our seed cleaning procedure will provide increased capacity while distributing excellent seed and grain processing. The Q-SAGE upgrade will deliver optimal mill function with a 4-s mill system. The Q-SAGE demonstrated exceptional cleaning results with the initial wheat seed MCIA processed. The Q-SAGE Precision Air Screen Cleaner includes variable drive feed and sieve motors, this allows improved control of product introduced onto the screen for cleaning. In addition, the new mill is quieter creating an improved environment for clients, visitors, and employees. MCIA specializes in seed processing and offers the experience and expertise providing seed cleaning and beneficial information to our clients for future production. MCIA remains committed to improving daily operations through applying the latest technology, equipment, and procedures to deliver premier grain processing to our producers.