Accelerated Aging (AA) Test

An AA Test is very complex, yet simple. The test implies exactly how the name is portrayed; artificially ages seeds by exposing them to a stressful environment allowing seed respiration levels to increase. The AA Test can be used to predict storability of a seed lot, as well as, determining the vigor of a seed lot.

This test is centered around how well a specific seed lot can perform under hot and humid environments. Seeds are placed in chambers of high temperatures (41 C) along with high humidity for a set period. After this stress period, the seeds will be placed in the germinator under ideal conditions.

High quality seeds will produce normal seedlings, while low quality seeds will deteriorate and produce abnormal or dead seedlings. This vigor test is available for small grains, soybeans, corn, and dry beans. It can be useful for diagnosing pre-harvest sprouting in wheat.  The warm humid pre-treatment will increase the enzymatic activity within the seed to advance the sprout injury to death. When compared to the standard germination, the difference often indicates the number of sprouted seeds.