Is sprouting good or a bad? The answer depends on the application. For most of us, sprouted wheat is on our mind – which is bad. But we can learn something from the malting industry where sprout is a good thing. Malt is a result of sprouted barley. Barley is exposed to all the conditions… Continue reading

Tetrazolium Test (TZ Test)

Tetrazolium Test (TZ Test) using Triphenyl Chloride The TZ test is a quick, mostly 24-hour test used to estimate germination and seed lot vigor. Farmers will request this TZ test in conjunction with a germination test, theoretically both ending test results should be similar. First the seeds are imbibed with water, then soaked in a… Continue reading

Be on Weed Watch for Black Nightshade

Black Nightshade is a weed that you do not want in your field as a producer in the Seed Industry. Above are pictures of Nightshade at three different growth stages that found in soybean fields last inspection season. A very distinct description of this weed is the berries on the plant, along with white/light pink… Continue reading

Accelerated Aging (AA) Test

An AA Test is very complex, yet simple. The test implies exactly how the name is portrayed; artificially ages seeds by exposing them to a stressful environment allowing seed respiration levels to increase. The AA Test can be used to predict storability of a seed lot, as well as, determining the vigor of a seed… Continue reading

Happy 4th of July!

Happy 4th of July from the MCIA Team! Here are some fun facts to help celebrate America’s Birthday: Each year Americans will consume roughly 150 million hotdogs on the fourth. July 4th was not an official Holiday until 1870, almost 100 years after the nation was founded. George Washington ordered a double ration of rum for… Continue reading

Analysis of Carryover Seed

What does a Germination test tell you?  More than you think.  There is a forensic science of seed germination. Sometimes non-viable seed is an indication of what is going on in the seed lot. It could be mechanical damage, seed treatment toxicity, old dead seed, or storage mold due to higher seed moisture contents or… Continue reading

Seed Corn Production

Michigan is home to the SEED corn capitol of the world – Constantine, Michigan. People often think of Iowa, Illinois, or Indiana when they think of corn because of the vast acres of the crop.  However, a good SEED production environment is not always the same as that for crop production. Corn SEED production is… Continue reading

Take a Walk in Chris’s Shoes

There is no doubt about it – these shoes have seen their better days. One might look at these shoes and say they need to be thrown in the trash or never worn again. Contrary, another person might take a deeper approach and think these shoes have a number, probably thousands of miles under their… Continue reading

Are You Weed Free?

Lauren Mezo is the new weed free guru for MCIA.  At times there are markets for straw, used as mulch on new grass seedings, to be certified free of noxious weeds.  An inspection in a wheat field can be made prior to harvest (and baling) to verify straw is clean.  This certification is complete with… Continue reading