Get Your Seed Tested at MCIA!

It is that time of year again. The sun is shining, the air is slowly warming, grass is becoming greener; spring is upon us. Dust has been flying from field to field these past weeks in preparation of the upcoming planting season. Farmers have the ‘itch’ to get rolling, putting seed in the ground. If… Continue reading

The Lab Gets Painted!

After many hours of looking at paint swabs and plenty of incorrect color choices – we finally had the lab painted over the winter! Joyce, Chris and Lauren really love these improvements; the colors really brighten up the room.

MCIA Annual Meeting Educational Videos – March 10, 2021

Michigan Crop Improvement Association Annual Meeting – March 10, 2021 Educational Portion The lasting effects from 2020 still are lingering into 2021 (the C-word), therefore, we decided to cancel our Annual Meeting. Below is the educational portion of what would have been reported at the meeting. We are hopeful that with time the world can… Continue reading

Grass Seed Testing

Did you know we do grass seed testing? We will do a purity and germination on most of the Michigan Department of Transportation roadside grass mixes, but we will also test your home/farm grass mixes for you, too! We separate each component, then plant 400 seeds in clear covered boxes and this is what it… Continue reading

Seed Biology 101

Seed Biology 101 Each of us that sows a field with seed relies on the notion that a plant will emerge.  Somehow the seed turns into a plant.  Often, we do not see the germination process because we are busy doing the many “to do’s” of spring planting.  Many of you may not familiar with… Continue reading

Summer Job Opportunity – Seed Corn Production Inspector

Position:               Summer Seed Corn Production Field Person Locations:             Vicksburg, Mendon, Constantine, and Howe general vicinities Job Summary: For those interested in learning more about basic principles of seed corn production. As many are aware, the seed corn industry is a big part of Southwest Michigan, being touted as the “seed” corn capital of the world. … Continue reading

MCIA Performs New Enlist Bioassay

Bioassays are used routinely in the seed testing industry to evaluate the presence/efficacy of traits in seed. A bioassay is in simple terms: the evaluation of the effect of a substance (chemical) on living tissue (germination seedlings). There are numerous types of bioassays including the evaluation of seed production in fields after Roundup, Liberty, Enlist,… Continue reading

Michigan Produced Edible Bean Seed

Michigan has historically been a strong producer of commercial edible bean crops for navy, black, and kidney types. Production is primarily concentrated in Michigan’s thumb and upper northeast. Both seed and commercial production have evolved over the years. Two of the biggest challenges for seed production include disease control (blight and anthracnose) and seed quality…. Continue reading