Be on Weed Watch for Black Nightshade

Black Nightshade is a weed that you do not want in your field as a producer in the Seed Industry. Above are pictures of Nightshade at three different growth stages that found in soybean fields last inspection season. A very distinct description of this weed is the berries on the plant, along with white/light pink flowers. Once they are found in your fields, they grow like a weed (literally) and are very hard to eradicate.

A Black Nightshade berry was found while doing a purity examination this winter, there was about 20 seeds that we found in that berry. These seeds shown above most likely are old, because of their darkened color. These seeds are shown at a magnification 7x, very small to look at with the human eye.

The Nightshade seeds are typically round, flattened, and either yellow or nearly white in color. It is estimated that this seed can remain in the soil for up to five plus years. Keep your eyes out!