The Lab Gets New Carts!

Wheat samples have been trickling in day by day, keeping us busy. So far, germinations have been in the upper 90% for both red and white wheat seed. New crop red wheat treated germinations are averaging 98% while untreated germinations are 96%. New crop white wheat, both treated and untreated germination are averaging 99%.
To help the seed lab be more efficient four new germination carts were purchased to aid in performing warm germinations. These carts are larger than our current carts, with plastic trays and plexiglass on all sides. The carts provide additional light and a uniform moist environment through the end of the testing period. We love everything about these carts! Let’s just say, these are the carts to get filled up with samples first!
Here are some friendly reminders when sending in samples to the lab. Please ensure the sample bag identifies all the tests you would like completed. Also, please double check to make sure all of your contact information is legible and all info regarding the sample and lot numbers are correctly noted. Also, if a purity is requested, please send two pounds of seed.
Thank you for trusting our lab to do your seed testing. We are committed to evaluating your sample quickly and providing the most accurate results possible. If you ever have any questions on a sample or your results, please give us a call!