MCIA Offering Fast Green & Saturated Cold Tests

The fast green test is used in seed corn to detect damage to the pericarp (seed coat), with a quick one-day turn around for accurate test results. This test provides useful insight regarding both, seed conditioning and starter fertilizer. If seed corn was harvested at a higher moisture content, more threshing is required, leading to more tearing of the seed coat. To minimize mechanical damage to the seed, this quick test can make sure that seed processing plants still maximize output while minimizing damage to the seed from machinery. If the seed coat damage is severe, fertilizers with high salinity could damage or kill the seed, leading to poor seedling emergence and stand. The amount of pericarp damage shown in this test can identify how susceptible a seed lot may be to soil pathogens, pests, and microorganisms.
The Saturated Cold Test is a 10-day extreme vigor test that will help determine if your seed is suitable for early planting. This test mimics chilling shock and low oxygen levels by testing seed in cold, water saturated soil. After 7 days in a cold dark environment, the seed is moved into a light warm environment for 3 days, after which evaluation will take place. This test should not replace a standard cold test, which emulates a typical spring planting environment. However, it does provide a useful estimate of emergence under severe conditions.