Get Your Seed Tested at MCIA!

It is that time of year again. The sun is shining, the air is slowly warming, grass is becoming greener; spring is upon us. Dust has been flying from field to field these past weeks in preparation of the upcoming planting season.

Farmers have the ‘itch’ to get rolling, putting seed in the ground. If you are thinking about planting early and putting seed into cold soil, you need to know if the seed can withstand those conditions. Get a better understanding of your planting window of opportunity by getting your seed tested!

We have just the answer for you – get your seed tested in our lab at MCIA! A standard Warm Germination as well as a Vigor Test would give you accurate information on what type of environment your seed would thrive in. A Vigor Test consists of a either a Cold Germination or an Accelerated Aging (AA) Test. A Cold Germination would be ideal if you are thinking about planting earlier, into colder soil temperatures, also how well your seed could hold up in a cold, wet environment. An AA test artificially ages seeds by exposing them to a stressful environment allowing seed respiration levels to increase, ideal for high temperatures and high humidity. This test can also be used to predict storability of a seed lot.

If you are interested in sending seed samples, please include this Lab Order Sheet in the box with your samples. Samples can be sent via UPS, FedEx or U.S. Mail; our address is on the Lab Order Sheet.

We can test new crop as well as carry over seed of soybean, corn, dry beans, grain, vegetables, and grasses.