Michigan Produced Edible Bean Seed

Michigan has historically been a strong producer of commercial edible bean crops for navy, black, and kidney types. Production is primarily concentrated in Michigan’s thumb and upper northeast. Both seed and commercial production have evolved over the years. Two of the biggest challenges for seed production include disease control (blight and anthracnose) and seed quality. Diseases are commonly understood to be a function of environment. Environment can also affect seed quality. However, it might be an inverse relationship between the two. A humid environment during the growing season is more conductive for disease development, but a dry environment as harvest might cause more mechanical damage.

The 2020 season was very favorable for Michigan edible bean seed production Most beans were planted into good seedbeds with little compaction. The summer was generally warm and dry for little disease pressure and the Fall generally allowed timely harvest at manageable moistures. A total of thirty-six bean fields were inspected this year with blight being found in only one. Varieties and acreages are listed below.

VARIETY                         Acres
Alpena                              127
Zorro                                 30
Zenith                               607
Cayenne                           20
Montcalm                        464
Red Hawk                        135
Red Cedar                        75