Canada wildrye is a native perennial bunchgrass that grows to four feet with erect or arching culms. ‘Icy Blue’ germplasm Canada wildrye has a whitish, waxy bloom, giving it a distinctive “icy blue” color on the leaf surface and the stems. Thick, attractive, bristly spiklets can reach 10 inches in length, and are often 2 or 3 to a node. Awns grow to 2 inches and are usually outwardly twisted. It can also be used where quick plant establishment is desired for soil stabilization. Seed yield ranges from 300 to 1,100 lb./acre, depending on growing conditions. There are approximately 115,000 seeds/lb. ‘Icy Blue’ Canada wildrye was selected based on research conducted at the Rose Lake Plant Materials Center. Testing demonstrated exceptional plant growth characteristics and resistance to several foliar diseases, including rust. The USDA-NRCS plans to release this material as a tested release in 2004.

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