Field Services - Quality Assurance Program

Quality Assurance Logo This program provides a uniform and unbiased quality control system and marketing tool for seed merchandised as varieties, hybrids, brands, or blends. It is an official AOSCA program designed to offer the same certified service to seed that might not be marketed as certified with the added flexibility for special needs or quality standards. The program includes field inspection, lab testing, and labeling with a Quality Assurance tag. Users may choose to use all or part of the system based on their needs.

The QA program offers

  1. Professional, unbiased field inspections to evaluate genetic purity and seed quality
  2. An unbiased record system for documenting seed quantity or quality
  3. An inspection service for production outside regional locations
  4. Lab testing to verify seed quality levels
  5. Post control grow outs for final verification
  6. Flexibility of inspection to identify special concerns
  7. A liaison between genetic suppliers and producers
  8. A recognized agency in assessing seed quality to be used in marketing
  9. An official verification of genetic purity
The QA program may be customized by adding additional inspections or by reporting specific items in the field.

Additional Information is available for those interested in Quality Assurance.

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