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The Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) was formed as an agency to provide governments a mechanism to establish agreements and international policies. Member countries have developed the OECD Seed Schemes for Varietal Certification of Seed Moving in International Trade, sometimes referred to as OECD Certification. MCIA has been designated by USDA Agricultural Research Service to perform this function in Michigan. After completing this inspection service seed can be universally marketed to any of the member countries and accepted as if it were produced in that country.

OECD Certification is becoming increasingly important with the rising global seed sales. It provides a benchmark standard for genetic purity and seed quality - even when language differences exist. OECD requirements include: the use of Foundation seed stocks, Field inspection by an official agency in accordance to OECD Seed Schemes, lab testing according to OECD Seed Schemes, labeling with an OECD tag, and post control grow outs.

Additional Information is available for those interested in international seed sales.

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